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Tangled Plot Chart

No description

Ronnie Williams

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Tangled Plot Chart

The Tangled Plot Chart Climax Action Exposition Falling Action Rising Resolution Characters: Rapunzal,Flynn Rider, Gothel Step Mom (evil lady), Mom (Queen), Father(King),and Pascal (pet) *This little baby namedRapunzal had magic hair from a flower that her mom took because she was sick and she needed that magic flower. *First it was owned by this old ugly lady she keep the flower for her self to stay young. *When the Queen took the flower it went into her daughter ,then the old lady couldn't be young any more ,so she took the Queens baby. *Then the old lady raised her as her own *Rapunzal got bored in the tower that she lived in and she wanted to see the lights (that was really for her)When she went missing. Her real mom would light lanyards on her birthday, and she realized that. But, her step mom said no she could never see the lights. *This boy named Flynn Rider was running away from some police and stumbled into the tower that Rapunzal was in.Remind you that her mom said boys were monsters. Then Flynn Rider took her to go and see the lights. Then she found out that she got kidnapped and went to her Real mom. *She meet her real mother & father and lived happily ever after. The evil mother got back old and she tried to cut Rapunzel hair off but she couldn't and all of Rapunzel hair turned brown.So she didnt have any more magic hair. *The step mom went to jail for kidnapping the Queens daughter. *The last part of the story is that Rapunzel & Flynn Rider feel in love and they got married. *Rapunzel & her mom and dad started to build a relationship together. *They lived happily ever after. The End :-*
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