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General - Supporting Individual Choices

No description

HealthEd YorkU

on 5 June 2018

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Transcript of General - Supporting Individual Choices

Learning Objectives
Develop an understanding for how our past environment can impact current health
Develop an understanding of behaviour change
Develop an understanding of the skills necessary for effective outreach
Understand some of the boundaries of the role of the Peer Health Educator
Supporting Individual Choices
Where Does "Health" Come From?
The Story of Us...
Tips for Outreach
What if Someone Disagrees?
“It’s not my job to tell the people that I work with what they need to do.”
What Does Healthy Look Like?
Changing Health Behaviours
What if it Doesn't Stick?
Having Health Conversations
We know we have put the concepts from this module into practice when Peer Health Educators:
Create a space where York U Students feel like they can ask questions and share experiences without judgment.
Respect the life choices that others make (even if we don't think they are the best)
Acknowledge that behaviours, attitudes and practices that work best for them, may not be the best for others
Accept that testing out different types of health behaviours, is a normal part of human development
Celebrate all health goals that students put forward for themselves
Acknowledge that YorkU students have the right to comprehensive, appropriate and non-judgmental health information
Acknowledge that people have the right to say NO when asked if they would like to participate in programming and have that decision be respected.
It Takes Different Strokes...
Responsibilities of Peer Health Educators
Quiz Time!
Additional Resources
Supporting Individual Choice

Motivational Interviewing
Peer Health Educator Training
Health Education & Promotion
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