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How to Protect against hacking?

No description

Patrick O'Neill

on 22 March 2017

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Transcript of How to Protect against hacking?

How to Protect against hacking?
By: Patrick O'Neill
What are the main ways people Get hacked?
Easy Passwords.
How to stop this.
Have a mixture between capital and lowercase letters. Good passwords start with a strange character such as ^ or * or @
Change your password that are easy such as birthdays and pet names they are to easy for people around you to guess.
Free Wi-Fi
Everybody loves free Wi-Fi but believe it or not it is a major way people get hacked here is an example anyone can get on so that means anybody can see the devices on the wi-fi so hackers can get on and put taps on you computer or phone.
We can prevent this by not using the free wifi at all or very rarely especially in cities or in hotels.
Adding people you don't know as friends on social media.
Well people have a competition to have the most followers on social media so if someone random shows up wanting to be your friend on social media most people will go on and accept it.
If someone asks you if they can be your friend and you think you know who they are call who you think they are and verify if you actually have no idea deny if its a person you know they will ask you in school or somewhere else and then you can accept.
Clicking on spam links sent to us.
What to do in this situation?
There are a variety of different spam links some saying you won a trip and others there is problem on the website. You should definitely not click on the link and instead you should go to your account on that website another way and see if it is wrong if it is right still don't click the link. If you won a prize don't touch the email again.
Poor password hygiene.
People usually when one password is found they don't think that hackers can get that user name and password to another website so people don't change it on other websites if the password is the same.
The end
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