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Wisdom by Daniel Nedd

No description


on 28 January 2016

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Transcript of Wisdom by Daniel Nedd

Wisdom is being able to be wise, making good judgements. Read on to find out more about wisdom.
Wisdom by Daniel Nedd and Aqif
The meaning of wisdom is: the quality of having knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise.
The meaning
The meaning of wise is the same as the meaning of wisdom. They are both similar.
What wise means
People are wise in many movies, programmes or in real life. Gandalf from The Hobbit is wise, The Doctor from Doctor Who is wise and people like Barack Obama are wise.
Wise people
To be wise you don't have to be clever; you can just make simple right choices. Like you can make a wise choice; if you find someone who is upset, you could make them happy or you could walk past and leave them to cry. What would you do?
Different ways to be wise
I'd make the person happy.
Is it good to be wise?
I'd say that to be wise is a good thing. Wisdom can help you through life.
A wise story
A long time ago, Jesus told a story. There were two men who wanted to build a house. One of the men dug into rock for the foundations, but the other man dug into sand for foundations. A storm came and the house built on sand collapsed. Who was the wise man?
The one who built his house on rock.
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