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Tasks and visualisation

'Love London, [With a Dutch Touch]'

Velo Mondial

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Tasks and visualisation

Your Publisher
Your Peers
Your Consultancy
Your Factory
Skype calls
chat boxes
video conferences
Participating Consultants
& Participating staff
Personal staff file with
Name, Training, Specialisation, Projects done etc
Preparing cycling policy
Data collection
Traffic analyses
Brands available
Planning cycling policy
Monitoring & Evaluation
Love London, [With a Dutch Touch]
March 2013:

Pas-Port to Mobility

May 2013:
Request to Velo Mondial for
Broader Vision

June 2013:
nitiative Consortium
'Love London, [With a Dutch Touch]'
On-line City Glossy Fact Sheet
Flip Board
Peer City Information
News Page
Modal split
Cycling Plan
Secure Parking
Staff Exchange
‘Love London, [With a Dutch Touch]’ is offering its network of Dutch cycle planning experts and consultants, to conduct a peer review of the final drafts of the
London Cycling Design Standards
(LCDS), to ensure the final standards are of the highest level, and provide the foundation of the kind of a culture shift in cycling experienced by the Netherlands.
‘Love London, [With a Dutch Touch]’ will, in cooperation with LEPT and London Councils, set up the
‘London School of Cycle Planning’

It will be an online & hands-on resource network linking up Boroughs and TfL with their Dutch counterparts as well as mobility agencies, planners, designers, consultants, academics, training providers and more.

It will be a
one stop shop
for state of the art guidance on cycling infrastructure and planning, policy and strategy, training and capacity building, town twinning and mentoring, political exchanges and home to shortlists of expert consultants.

It will also be the first point of call for evidencing, research papers and business cases from London and other European cities. An
online workspace will be set up for each Borough
to further facilitate mutual exchange regionally.
The London School of Cycle Planning will offer the following services to 200 staff of Boroughs and TfL:

London Cycle Planning Diploma
(see Appendix I): A Professional certification, accredited by CIHT or equivalent , centered on Dutch expertise with modules on LCDS, public engagement, road safety, mini-Hollands, quietways, safer junctions and bespoke competencies;
• Weekly Online
Cycling Clinic
: Ask the experts;

Master Classes

Politician exchanges;

Bespoke technical tours;

Study trips to the Netherlands


‘Love London, [With a Dutch Touch]’ proposes to support the delivery of the
TfL/GLA hosted conference in London
in November by providing speakers and workshop themes as required, profiling state of the art schemes from the Netherlands, to help
inspire the next wave of Borough applications for quietways and safer junctions, as well as help the development and delivery of mini-Hollands and future LIP and other related schemes.

This will also provide the opportunity to establish
links between London Boroughs and their Dutch counterparts
, for continued mentoring. A panel session with elected members from London and Dutch cities could be organised to discuss the political aspects of sustained cycling investment, and transfer good practices to London Boroughs.

LLWADT will build capacity and knowledge on how to improve overall transport planning in London, increasing cycling, whilst
considering all modes in an integrated way

The ‘London School for Cycle Planning’ would be
administered by LEPT within London Councils Services Directorate
Overview of training components

a. Training will be delivered by a group of expert
Dutch cycling and urban transport specialists
b. The training programme will be of a level that will warrant
by the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation.
c. The Diploma will comprise modules considering
cycling as a component of urban planning
integrated with other modes.
Borough support partners could also be trained
so that all stakeholders - public, private and third sector - experience a simultaneous increase in expertise.
e. Dutch experience states that the best training is delivered via a
diverse programme of methods and formats
1. Support TfL in the
finalisation of the London Cycling Design Standards
Finalisation can take place in October – November 2013; decision-making on budget should be asap.

2. Establish a permanent Anglo-Dutch network of cycling excellence: the
‘London School of Cycle Planning’
with on-line and hands-on training programme
January 2014 - March 2016

3. The
online workspace
will offer a unique set of services and be the home of the ‘London Cycle Planning Diploma’, a professional certification on LCDS, public engagement, road safety, mini-Hollands, quietways, safer junctions.
October - December 2013: consultation on needs and priorities. Start: January 2014

4. Support the launch of the LCDS consultation at the TfL-GLA conference in London
end-November (date tbc)

Individual Work Spaces will be composed of:
‘Your Publisher’, ‘Your Peers’, Your Consultancy’, Your Factory’, ‘Your Showcasing’, Your Academy
. A database and templates are at the heart of the data gathering; all partners, according to their work package, will fill the templates.

Your Publisher
’ is the Communication Hub and will be coordinated by Velo Mondial with the contribution of all partners.

‘The Peers’
deals with the development of relationships with Boroughs and Cities in and outside The Netherlands resulting in i.e. ‘Glossy City Fact Sheets’. The DCE will coordinate and all partners will contribute

The consultancy partners will develop
‘The Consultancy’
with the contribution of all partners; they will find counterparts in partner cities- for the execution of the projects and programs that the consortium develops. Goudappel Coffeng will coordinate and all partners will contribute.

Infrastructure partners will develop
‘The Factory’
with the contribution of all partners, highlighting road construction and on-street products and services and construction of infrastructure. Royal HaskoningDHV will coordinate and all partners will contribute.

The DCE will develop
‘The Showcasing’
, resulting in a program for Technical Tours, Study Tours and Visiting Programs; with the contribution of all other partners.

The consultancies will develop
‘The Academy’
and will create in it a ‘Cycling Design Standards Manual’ coordinated by Mobycon and ‘Curriculum for Cycling Planning’ coordinated by DTV. The CDSM as well as the curriculum will contribute to the development of Local ‘School of Cycling Planning’, which will be
coordinated by TfL / LC / LEPT.

DCE will be instrumental in the setting up budgets for all work packages, with the contribution of all partners. If required the DCE will develop Partnerships in Business with the contribution of all partners as well as develop other fundraising opportunities.

DCE will contribute -upon prior agreement- to administrative and logistic support the work packages may require.
July 2013:
Offer to London Boroughs:
'Love London, [With a Dutch Touch]
On-Line Workspace in Pas-Port to Mobility
August 2013
: exchange of thoughts between London Boroughs, London Councils, Transport for London

September 2013
: Agreement in principle with Transport for London on
3 issues
The Consortium

Services and Work Packages
coordinates the London side
March 2013:

Pas-Port to Mobility

May 2013:
Request to Velo Mondial for
Broader Vision

June 2013:

initiatief to Consortium
'Love London, [With a Dutch Touch]'
Love London, [With a Dutch Touch]
Your Showcasing
Your Academy
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