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Women 19-45 Years

No description

Asha Siddique

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Women 19-45 Years

Shannon & Asha & Nina Women 19-45 Physical Early Adulthood - First stage of adulthood in which the body physically changes by continuing to add on height and weight to their teenage frame.

Middle Adulthood - Women will notice that there will be a loss of elasticity in the skin especially in the face. Women gain weight in the hips and thighs, also women go through menopause which is the loss of their ability to reproduce and may experience greying and thinning of the hair. At young adulthood memories and cognitive abilities are at their highest.

Cognitive development during middle adulthood generally shows and average memory loss and a reduced ability to perform tasks requiring speed. Intellectual In early adulthood you go through emotional development such as;
Love - family, friends, relationships
Leaving home - sad and nervous but excited
Career development - stressed, nervous but happy

In middle adulthood, adults become more in touch with themselves and they also become introspective.

In later adulthood a minority of adults are known to experience a "midlife crisis" were they undergo a drastic change. Emotional In early adulthood they want to become more independent and explore various life possibilities. They go out more and have a lot of friends they mix with.

In middle adulthood they become very appreciative of their parents and relationships with them improve, sibling bonds strengthen and friendships are a lot fewer but more deeply valued. Social Thank you for listening - Lets all look forward to growing old and having wrinkles.
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