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BTEC Extended Diploma in Sports Development, Coaching & Fitn

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on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of BTEC Extended Diploma in Sports Development, Coaching & Fitn

The BTEC Extended Diploma is designed to give a specialist, work-related qualification.

It gives learners the knowledge, understanding and skills that they need to prepare them for employment.

This presentation will cover – tutor profiles, overview of units, timetable, examples of standard of work & progression opportunities

Teacher Profiles
Qualification Structure
Year 1
(x 10 units):
- Principles of A+P (5 credits)
- Physiology of Fitness (5 credits)
- Assessing risk in Sport
- Fitness Training & Programming
- Sports Coaching
- Sports Development
- Fitness Testing
- Practical Individual Sport
- Current Issues in Sport
- Exercise, Health & Lifestyle
Qualification Structure
Year 2
- 9 units
- Practical Team Sport
- Psychology for Sports Performance
- Sports Injuries
- Exercise for Specific Groups
- Sport & Exercise Massage
- Analysis of Sports Performance
- Sports Nutrition
- Work Experience
- Outdoor Adventurous Activities
- Each of the units are assessed in different ways. On average there are three assignments per unit.

- The grading for assessment goes – PASS, MERIT, DISTINCTION

- Assessment methods include – multiple choice exams, essays, video evidence, lab reports, academic models & posters, practical projects

- All criteria must be achieved to complete the unit e.g. All pass criteria for a PASS; all pass and merit criteria for a MERIT

Career Opportunities
Further Education Opportunities include:

- Progression onto Foundation Degree @ Lakes College
Application to universities via UCAS

- Example degrees include:
Sports Studies, Sports Science, Sports Development & Coaching, Sports Event Management, Sports & Exercise Therapy

Career Opportunities & Progression
UCAS Points – to get into a ‘good’ university, one of the higher reputation unis’ you should aim for at least 240 UCAS points
The Extended Diploma will allow you to gain the following UCAS points

Student Qualities
What qualities do you feel are important for a Level 3 student to progress and achieve????
Welcome to Lakes College
BTEC Extended Diploma in Sports Development, Coaching & Fitness
Course Overview
Dan Anderton

Teaching at Lakes College for 6 years

BSc (Hons) Applied Sports & Exercise Science
Applied Sports Massage Therapy
MSc Sports Therapy

Company Director DA HUman Mechanics
Sports Therapist for RFL, Barrow AFC

Darren Edmondson
Teaching at Lakes College for 7 years


15 years in professional football
Ex Manager of Workington Reds AFC
Manager of Barrow AFC

Teaching at Lakes College for 1 year

BSc (Hons) Sports Studies

Ex Lakes College student
Stuart Williams
BTEC Grade UCAS points
PPP 120
MPP 160
MMP 200
MMM 240
DMM 280
DDM 320
DDD 360
What's your next step? Uni, jobs?

What courses and jobs would you like to do? (whiteboards)
Oneils Website : Student clothing

What do you expect from us?

What should we expect from you?

GCSE Maths and English Results please....

Link to FS and GCSE (Fri)
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