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Taylor Swift steal there style


Cookie Monster

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Taylor Swift steal there style

Steal their style! a project about math This is what I did for steal your style. Here's my celebrity outfit: my costs Taylor's costs This is my outfit Taylor's outfit costs:$494.99 my outfit costs:$99.34 striped boa neck top: 44.00

tap shorts $44.00

shoes: $295.00

foundation: $56.99

red lipstick: $55.00 striped shirt: $15.00

black tight skirt:

shoes: $14.95

foundation: $39.00

red lipstick: $7.49 My outfit looks the same as Taylor's outfit but is much cheaper and affordable even though the two outfits are very similar. My outfit even looks good enough and matches Taylor's outfit. My outfit is better because it is $395.65 less than Taylor's outfit. My outfit is cheaper and less expensive. other ways to state $99.34... ninety nine point thirty four Taylor swift Gap




Mac My solution was to add up my outfit's cost and then I added up Taylor's outfit's cost. Then I subtracted
my outfit's total cost from Taylor's outfit's total cost ($494.99-$99.34). The difference was $395.65. My outfit was as pretty,
and cute as Taylor's outfit and worth the same amount of quality but a much better price. THE END!!! 9 9 9 . 3 4 VMA's 2012 My plan:
find the shoes first because they
are easy to find
find the white striped top next
My method:
to shop at
the stores that I know first
at last
I would do the make
-up and jewelery This was my plan>> Hi! I'm Naamveer and I'm gonna show you what I did for steal your style.
this was my plan
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