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Felicity D

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of Antarctica

The Antarctic land transport - from when the first explorers were there - was just by foot or maybe dogsled, but due to modern technology, the land transport now is by foot, using skis or snowshoes or by vehicles such as snowmobiles. Water transport to
Antarctica is by ship.
If a ship is bringing
supplies to Antarctica,
the supplies are brought
to the land by little boats, helicopters or barges. Air transport is by
aeroplane or helicopter.
Antarctica has 20 airports,
but there are none that are
accessible to the public. Antarctica is the coldest place on
Earth. Antarctica has the coldest
temperature ever recorded; -89.2
degrees celcius. As well as being the
coldest, Antarctica is also the
driest place on Earth. Most of the
snow there never melts, and so is
transformed into glaciers. Many animals can be found in
Antarctica. Antarctica is
home to many penguins, seals
birds, whales, krill and many
other animals. All the animals
living there depend on the
water to survive, exept
flightless midge called the
Belgica Antarctica.
The Antarctic Treaty is an intricate
collection of agreements that must
be obeyed by all of the participating
countries. Some of the countries
that are part of the treaty are:
Australia, China, Canada, Germany,
France, India and New Zealand.
Altogether there are 46 treaty
member nations. ANiMALS TRANSPORT ANTARCTIC TREATY The food chain is divided
into 4 sections:
- The Primary Producers
- The Primary Consumers
*krill, small fish, squid, shrimp
- The Secondary Consumers
*birds, penguins, some whales, some seals, fish
- The Top Predators
*Killer whales, seals CLiMATE BiBLiOGRAPHY http://www.vtaide.com/png/oceanchain.htm
BYE! Thank you for listening.
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