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English for Lab Assistants - Final Review

Review presentation of the 'English for Lab Assistants' course, run by the Language Center of the University of Osnabrück.

Robert Muil

on 4 November 2011

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Transcript of English for Lab Assistants - Final Review

Vocabulary degrade
roll over
aid / help with
benign vs. malignant
haploid vs. diploid
bulk vs. nano
rare earth
pupils vs. students
nutrition Vocabulary Vocabulary safety procedures a fungus Grammar Grammar Grammar simple continuous Collocations apart from do make same as similar to secretion predator slab plumb responsible to somebody
responsible for something look at QPT
Test passive vs. active identify scarcity renewable advertisement anecdote artificial all the time power grid coal power plant conjoined
(Siamese) For the sake of my health, I swim.
For the relief of stress, I jog. general public
common people recent past conductive I suggest we will do something.
I suspect we will not. I suggest we will meet after work for a beer. near future distant past distant future now (like) look after except for fuss he drowns
we drown
we are drowning
we drowned
we have drowned port harbour docks He said told his children a story. device he drinks
we drink
we are drinking
we drank
we have drunk he is drunk
it was a drunken party drink drown drunk oscillating dissolved current subsidise sponsor support donate solar plugs stock strains lines tube stocks shares yeast Virtual

Lab Visit News Articles reading summarising Meet and Greet Future i go to the shops later will i go on holiday to Greece am going to Discussions Eating Cloned Meat Poverty in Africa and Germany Academic vs. Technical Education adverb adjective 'let their dogs' operate
-> have their dogs operated upon 'means' instead of believes/thinks/'is of the opinion' Uncountable research Nouns water music money electricity Nouns Uncountable Writing Dialogues Role-Playing Hi, I'm new to the lab, and I'd
like to know something about the
experiments... The role of the laboratory
head is to ensure that all
safety precautions... Diagram
Exercises He said his children a story. many fungi prey Thank you and good luck! versus every time all the time every time I suggest we will meet after work for a beer. do a crossword
do the ironing
do the laundry
do the washing
do the washing up actions and tasks no new object... do your work
do homework
do housework
do your job vs. do your best
do your hair
do your nails
do your worst
constructing, building (and some oddities...) make a dress
make food
make a cup of coffee

make a house
make a mess
make a noise
make a plan make amends
make arrangements
make believe
make a choice make a comment
make a decision
make a difference
make an enquiry
make an excuse
make a fool of yourself
make a fortune
make friends make a point
make a profit
make a promise
make a remark
make a sound
make a speech
make a suggestion
make time
make a visit
make your bed make a phone call a mistake? a plan? a cake? good? harm? business? homework? your best? money? anything? something? an impression? a joke? a house? do an exam vs. vs. When you arrive tomorrow, I will cook dinner dinner. constitutes comprises the parts constitute the whole the whole comprises the parts consists of the whole consists of the parts amenities restrooms mensa the comforts of home I will be cooking She thinks slow. She is a slow thinker. She looked angry at the meeting. She looked angrily at the crooked painting. The boy did a well job. The girl looked well. The boy looked good. He ran quick through the streets. Congratulations, you did good. ... past ... future continuous: simple: dinner When you arrive, I will be cooking dinner. I will cook dinner. When you arrive, actual current isolate real now now real vs. inevitable breeding manipulation modification make a fuss
make a journey
make love
make a mistake
make a move
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