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07.03 Between the Fires

No description

Keirstin Woods

on 11 August 2013

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Transcript of 07.03 Between the Fires

07.03 Between the Fires
Adolf Hitler
Social Conditions:
Economic Conditions:

Social Conditions:
Social Conditions:
- Unemployment decreased
-Unemployment decreased greatly
Economic Conditions
-Ended Depression by increasing manufacturing
of military products
-Ended Depression by increasing the enlistments
into the armed forces.
Goals and Aims:
Benito Mussolini
-both were dictators
-both were fascists
Economic Conditions:
-Italy was having economic problems in which Mussolini took advantage of.
-took control over press, school, and the public
-took control over the industry.
-wanted to turn their countries into world powers
Goals and Aims:
Goals and Aims:
-founded Nazi Party
-founded fascist party
-unite German nation
-abolished many rights including freedom of speech
-Brought Germany out of
their Depression
-Both brought their country
out of economic Depression
-wanted Italy to be a united
- led protests
- unemployment was very high in
Two Paragraph Summary
Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini have many differences and similarities in their rise to power. The social and economic conditions also had their similarities and differences. The similarities of Hitler and Mussolini is they both were dictators and fascists. They both took control over their countries industry. They brought their countries out of depression by increasing enlistments into the armed forces and increasing manufacturing of military products. The majority of their countries trusted these leaders but others questioned their motives.
The differences of these two leaders are in Italy the economic conditions were having problems. The unemployment was very great. Mussolini took advantage of this. Mussolini took control over the press and the schools. Mussolini founded the fascist party. Hitler founded the Nazi party. Hitler reduced the unemployment greatly. He abolished many rights of the Germans including freedom of speech. Hitler wanted to unite the German nation. These two dictators had many similarities and differences in their motives and goals of their leadership.
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