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Resume Benjamin Michen

No description

Benjamin Michen

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of Resume Benjamin Michen

PhD at EMPA & TU-Freiberg
Postdoc - Process Engineering
Studying virus adsorption to surfaces in the aquatic environment: applications in water treatment
Postdoc - BioNanomaterials
Looking for new challenges
Dipl. Ing. (FH) Applied Physics
Project Leader Development
Water filtration &
purification products
Fundamental education in
natural sciences and technology
Focus: Sustainable Process Technology
Ion exchange resins
Ceramic filters
Combining water softening & removal of nitrate
Ion exchange resins in water treatment
Diploma Thesis ZHAW: Raphael Bourquin" Nitratreduktion und partielle Wasserenthärtung durch Ionenaustausch in Trinkwasser" 2006
Ceramic filters for the removal of pathogens
Waterborn microorganisms
Waterborne microorganisms
Size of microorganisms
Filtration mechanisms
Michen, B.; Diatta, A.; Fritsch, J.; Aneziris, C.; Graule, T. "Removal of colloidal particles in ceramic depth filters based on diatomaceous earth" Separation and Purification Technology 2011, 81 (1), 77–87
Improved virus removal by adsorption
Improving virus removal by modification of filter surface with nanoparticles
-Wegmann, M.; Michen, B.; Luxbacher, T.; Fritsch, J.; Graule, T. ʺModification of ceramic microfilters with colloidal zirconia to promote the adsorption of viruses from waterʺ Water Research 2008, 42 (6-­7), 1726–1734.
-Wegmann, M.; Michen, B.; Graule, T. "Nanostructured surface modification of microporous ceramics for efficient virus filtration" Journal of the European Ceramic Society 2008, 28 (8), 1603–1612.
-Graule, T.; Wegmann M.; Michen, B.; Clemens, F.; Ammann, B. “Mikroporoeses Filtermaterial, insbesondere zur Virenentfernung“ (Micoporous Filter Material, Especially for Eliminating Viruses,in German). WO 2008064504 , June 5, 2008.
Surface charge
of viruses
Understanding adsorption phenomena
filter modification
Electrostatic enhanced adsorption approach
Viruses carry a net negative surface charge in natural water
Michen, B.; Graule, T. "Isoelectric points of virusesʺ Journal of Applied Microbiology 2010, 109 (2), 388–397.
Michen, B. Virus removal in ceramic depth filters:
The electrostatic enhanced adsorption approach. Dissertation TU Bergakademie Freiberg, 2011

Michen, B.; Fritsch, J.; Aneziris, C.; Graule, T. "Improved virus removal in ceramic depth filters modified with MgO." Environmental Science and Technology 2013, 47 (3), 1526–1533.
Michen, B.; Meder, F.; Rust, A.; Fritsch, J.; Aneziris, C.; Graule, T. ʺVirus removal in ceramic depth filters based on diatomaceous earth."
Environmental Science and Technology 2012, 46 (2), 1170–1177
surface charges play a major role
additional forces: steric, hydration
Internship at Leica Microsystems,
Wetzlar, DE
Diploma thesis at EMPA,
High-Performance Ceramics,
Dübendorf, CH
Michen, B.; Pronk, W.; Graule, T.; Morgenroth, E. "Virus adsorption to solid surfaces in the aquatic environment" in preparation
drying artifacts in
TEM sample preparation
Interactions between nanoparticles & proteins
Obiols-Rabasa, M.; Casal-Dujat, L.; Michen, B.; Balog, S.; Petri-Fink, A.;
Schurtenberger, P. "New insight into the charaterization of
protein-nanoparticle interactions" in preparation
Light scattering
Balog, S.; Michen, B.; Rodriguez-Lorenzo, L.; Schurtenberger, P.; Petri-Fink, A. "Nanopaticle-protein complexation as seen by photon correlation spectroscopy" in preparation
Measure weak magnetic signals of SPIONs for novel biomedical imaging techniques
Brownian and Neel relaxation
Drying artifacts in TEM sample preparation
Michen B.; Vanhecke, D.; Geers, C.; Endes, C.; Balog, S.; Rothen-Rutishauser, B.; Petri-Fink, A.; Vanhecke, D. "Analyzing the dispersion state of nanoparticles by transmission electron microscopy: overcoming drying artifacts." Submitted
Michen, B.; Balog, S.; Rothen-Rutishauser, B.; Petri-Fink, A.; Vanhecke, D. "TEM sample preparation of nanoparticles in suspension: Understanding the formation of drying effects" accepted in Imaging&Microscopy 2014
Ceramic filters safely remove larger-sized microorganisms of the group protozoa
Viruses are the least studied pathogens with largest scatter in removal
Bacteria removal can be high but scatters in literature
Michen, B.; Lebedev, V.; Dolgovskiy, V.; Ackermann Hirschli, L.; Weiss, A.; Petri-Fink, A. "Investigating the optimum particle siz of SPIONs for magnetorelaxometry using an atomic magnetometer" submitted
Lebedev, V.; Dolgovskiy, V.; Michen, B.; Petri-Fink, A.; Weiss, A.; Bison, G. "Non-scanning magnetic field imaging with laser-pumped atomic magnetometer" Biomedical Engineering-Biomedizinische Technik, 2013, 9, 7
Lebedev, V.; Castagna, N.; Weiss, A.; Michen, B.; Petri-Fink, A.; Bison, G. "Imaging of magnetic nanoparticles by atomic magnetometers" Biomedical Engineering-Biomedizinische Technik, 2012, 75, 1
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