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NBT FOSS4G 2013: Enyo + Leaflet

Enyo is a relatively new tool that is rapidly gaining traction for mobile app development, and its flexibility and extensibility makes it a perfect companion framework for mobile GIS and mapping applications.

Travis Webb

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of NBT FOSS4G 2013: Enyo + Leaflet

Persistence Layer
Which Client Framework should I use?
MongoDB, PostGIS
Service Middleware
Geoserver, Mapserver
Mapping Toolkit
Leaflet, OpenLayers
Client Framework?
Enyo, GeoExt, DHTMLX, GWT Mobile, jQuery, Titanium, xui.js, dojo, ZK, Sencha, pure HTML5, Wink, Bootstrap Mobile, Vaadin, Angular.js, Zepto, jQt,
Well, it's complicated...
Drag and Drop
Component Animation
2D Canvas Support
Compatible with LESS
Theming Support
Dynamic Feature Detection
DOM Wrapped by Framework
Built-in XHR Data Retrieval
JSONP Support
Server Push Support
Data Management
Back Button / History Management
Input Form Widgets and Validation
Grid Component
Hierarchical Tree Component
Compatible with Backbone
Data Interchange
Platform Support
Touch Events
Responsive Layout Support
PhoneGap Build Tools
Legacy Browser Support
HTML5 Feature Support
Design Philosophy
Free and Open Source
Corporate Benefactor
Active Community
Searchable Plugin Gallery
Extensible Design Pattern
Building Mobile Mapping Applications with Enyo JS
FOSS4G North America Minneapolis 2013
} @nbtsolutions.com
...Really complicated
Leaflet and Enyo both...
"mobile first" philosophy, with legacy support

lightweight, in both code size and pattern complexity

sensible customization points, re usable modules

completely free
Our Requirements
works in IE8 or better on the desktop, and all major mobile platforms

extensible and re usable components

project endurance and stability, with community support

sensible and structured idiomatic design pattern
Let's see some code!
pattern offers a well-lit path but remains flexible

themes and custom styling using

user interface builder

integrates with
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