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The War of 1812

Portion of Unit 3 - Expansion of a Nation

Michele Goostree

on 2 November 2015

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Transcript of The War of 1812

Washington D.C.
War of 1812
America's Forgotten War?

Background Information
1803 - Louisiana Purchase
~British Navy begins seizing sailors from U.S. ships for Royal Navy
1783 - Treaty of Paris
~British and U.S. share Mississippi
Jefferson's Embargo
Suspended trade with Great Britain and France
All American ships ordered to stay in port
Non-Intercourse Act
Repealed Embargo Act
Opened foreign trade to all countries EXCEPT France and Great Britain
Impossible to enforce
3 Phases of War
Main Causes of War of 1812:
1. U.S. forces attempt to invade English positions in Canada
2. Washington D.C./Chesapeake/Baltimore
3. "Southern Campaign"
Treaty of Ghent (1814)
Battle of New Orleans (1815)
Andrew Jackson led pirates, free blacks, militia
Forced British to surrender New Orleans and honor the Treaty of Ghent
Highlights of
War of 1812

White House burned by British
First U.S. battles using Navy
Andrew Jackson hailed war hero
Star Spangled Banner composed
Effect: Proved stability of U.S. Government
~forcing men into military service
Alternative to war?
Hurt Americans more than British?
Continued British attacks on American ships; impressment
Great Britain restricts our rights of trade!
MORE Causes...
#2: Native Americans push back against American expansion West & North
Native Americans support British
#3 Politics! Who do we support: Great Britain or France?
Orders in Council
British restrict U.S. trade rights with France
~British end trade restrictions
~British troops ordered to leave U.S. frontier
~All land held prior to war restored
Who Cares?
First step toward Canadian independence
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