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Auston Matthews

No description

Mr. Gill

on 6 December 2017

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Transcript of Auston Matthews

HI my name is Raghav and I will be talking about my favorite hockey player, Auston Matthews.
How good is Auston Matthews
Austin Matthews is know as a professional at hockey.To me I really think he is a professional to because he got 30+ goals in his rookie year, and that is really hard. Usually in your rookie year you get only about 12 goals in the whole season. He got 44+ his whole time playing for toronto.Auston Matthews was drafted in late August 2016. Everyone was surprised how good he was in the rookie year.
Now I will show you a quick video of some of Auston Matthews goals.
who Is He
If Your wondering who is Auston Matthews, He is a American hockey player that is playing for Toronto Maple Leafs. Auston Matthews is considered best player on his team even though this is only his second year!
-This year Auston is only 20
-Was born September 17, 1997
-Best player on Toronto Maple Leafs
- Got 30+ goals on his Rookie year and 12+ goals this year ( being continued )
- Started playing in 2016

By: Raghav .S
-First team he ever played for was the rookie USA team
- Jearsy number is 34
This is the end of my presentation about Auston Matthews, Hope you like him as much as I do.
Auston Matthews
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