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Lord of the Flies Survival Guide

No description

lucy calvino

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies Survival Guide

Lord of the Flies Survival Guide
Food (any accessible fruits or animals on the island)
Water (any ponds or lagoon in the area)
Weapons (spears, daggers, etc.)
Firewood (any dead leaves or branches)
Any wood on the island for fire
The Way out
Throw your raft in to the water, put as many kids as possible on the raft, then sail away using the paddles.

The leader shall be declared by a majority vote.
When leaving the tribe area, you must always take a partner and at least 1 weapon for protection.
A group of 2 or 3 bigguns would be in charge of fire
A group of 4 or 5 bigguns would be in charge of hunting for food.
There will be a second leader that shall be chosen by majority vote just in case the first leader dies.
If a person harms someone in the group, then they must be sent to the forest for for the night.
If a person breaks a rule then they shall eat less than any other person.
If people do not use the restroom in the right place they shall be in charge of cleaning up the mess other people have left.
In order to get food follow these steps:
1. Pick 2 or 3 of the bigguns to get food

2. Hunt for any animals or look for fruit on the island.

3. Once you capture the animal or fruit, gather leaves and use these as any napkins.

4. Start a fire and find a way to keep the animal/fruit on top of the fire to roast.

5. Start roasting the animals and fruit.

Gather or rip off large palm tree branches.
Also if you can find any vines growing on trees or rocks try to rip it off to use as rope.
Layout the branches next to each other and use the vines to tie them together. Repeat this four times for four sides of the shelter.
Lay all the leaves on the floor.
Tie them together and put them on top of the walls of the shelter.
It is important to have good hygiene.
Bathing will take place in any local pond or lake .
To brush your hair you should look for clean branches .
Look for clean leaves that you can brush against your teeth as a toothbrush.
Rub flowers against your skin for good scent.
Building a Raft
Gather different types of wood and test if it floats.
Once you find pieces of wood that floats ,gather vines .
Once you gather vines wind it around the pieces of wood together and make sure it is secure.
Getting Ready to go
Grab as many clothes and food as you can
Look for two long sturdy sticks.
Grab extra pieces of wood and vine just in case.
Pack as many cooked meat as possible.
A large amount of fresh water.
Grab some weapons.
Jobs of little' uns
The little'uns should gather sticks and wood for the fire .
They should gather flowers for the bath.
They should help the bigg'uns make the shelters.
They should gather fruits .
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