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Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship at Skills Academy Wales

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Stella Elphick

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship at Skills Academy Wales

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Skills Academy Wales is a group of ten training providers across South and West Wales that have formed a partnership. Economic, Social
and Environmental Well-Being includes:

Supportive relationships
Good health
Financial and personal security
A sense of belonging
An attractive environment Over-Arching Themes Welsh Language and Culture
Literacy and Numeracy
Equality Diversity and Inclusion
Health and Well-being Welsh Language
and Culture Use the Welsh language within your learning programme
Raise awareness and celebrate our history, customs and culture.
Encourage you and show you how you can make your views known to your councillor, Assembly Member and the Welsh Government. The 7 Themes
of ESDGC Wealth and Poverty
Identity and Culture 
Choices and Decisions 
Healthy Living
Natural World
Waste and Consumption
Climate Change ESDGC in Your Course We expect you to:

Be prepared to learn about these issues and develop new knowledge, skills and values
Take part and get involved in activities that promote awareness of these themes and topics
Understand how the things you do in your work and life help promote sustainability and citizenship in the local and global community
Work with staff, colleagues, fellow learners and employers to implement our ESDGC policy Welcome to Skills Academy Wales Welsh Government The Welsh Government aims to:

During your programme we will be introducing some ideas about how learning can contribute to the wellbeing of people in Wales – this is a priority for Welsh Government and our local communities. Sustainable Wales A sustainable economy
A sustainable society
Sustaining the natural environment
Sustainable resource use
The well-being of Wales Literacy and Numeracy Employers say that they want employees to have:

A good standard of reading, writing and communication.
A reasonable understanding of numbers and their use in everyday life.

Everyone on learning programmes can improve in these areas, no matter how well they do it now. Equality, Inclusion
and Diversity Health and Well-Being You health and well-being is important to us. This includes:

Providing a healthy and safe environment to learn in.
Promoting the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle both now and in the future.
Your learning experience being free from harassment and discrimination.
Rnsuring you feel the benefits of learning new skills and knowledge. Any Questions? Sustainability means living our lives in a way that does not use up the resources which support and encourage life on Earth. During your training programme we will try to encourage you to : We will treat you equally no matter if you are: Male or female
Young or old
Single, married or in a civil partnership
Straight, gay and/or transgender
Disabled or have a health problem
Religious or have alternative political beliefs
From a different region/country or race
A parent, guardian or carer
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