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Mazin Rashid

on 25 December 2012

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Transcript of Edinburgh

EDINBURGH An enchanting blend of
ancient and modern Contents - About Edinburgh - Flying to Edinburgh - Moving in Edinburgh - Accommodation - Tours & Visits - Promotional Video - Questions & Comments About Edinburgh Location * Best time to Visit Currency
1 £ = 0.622 OMR Flying To Edinburgh 313 OMR 362 OMR 346 OMR To London
273 OMR 329 OMR Accommodation Moving in Edinburgh 8.6 OMR
Per Day 2.2 OMR for Adult
1.3 OMR for Child
for a Tour 1.8 OMR Per Day
6.8 OMR Per Week useful at night 7.5 OMR Per Day
includes a helmet,
a lock, a map and
a puncture repair kit The Scotsman Hotel 5-Star
9.0 the rate of clients
OMR 82.175 per night Macdonald
Holyrood Hotel 4-Star
8.7 the rate of clients
OMR 73.460 per night The Parliament
House Hotel 3-Star
8.5 the rate of clients
OMR 52.175 per night Tours & Visits - Edinburgh Castle
- Arthur's Seat
- Calton Hill
- Royal Yacht Britannia
- Museums & Galleries
- Military Tattoo Festival Experience One Of The Most
World Classes Hospitality Edinburgh Castle One Of The Most Fascinating
Castle Over The World Arthur's Seat Unbelievable Panoramic View Royal Yacht Britannia Unforgettable Journey Inside Her Majesty Yacht
With a Fascinating Audio Tour Calton Hill One Of The Most Unique And Contrasting
Characters Of The City Museums & Galleries Explore the diversity of the natural world, world
cultures, science and technology, art and
design and Scottish history Military Tattoo Festival One of the most Spectacular Filled With Talented
Performers, Pipes, Drums, And Visual
Lights And Fireworks. Questions & Comments Our Dynamic Earth National Museum of Scotland
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