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Nursing Burnout and the Effect of Patient Care

No description

Alexa Shuler

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Nursing Burnout and the Effect of Patient Care

What is
What are factors associated with nurse burnout?
How is nurse burnout measured?
- According to Nantsupawat et al. (2011), the Maslach Burnout Inventory-Human Services Survey (MBI-HSS) is used to measure nursing burnout. A total of 27 or greater on the nine-item emotional exhaustion subscale is considered a high level of burnout

- Van Bogaert et al. (2014) divided the MBI-HSS into 3 categories:
1. Emotional exhaustion
2. Depersonalization
3. Personal accomplishment

How does nurse burnout affect patient quality of care?
High levels of nursing burnout positively correlate to low quality of patient care and an increase in adverse events
What are signs of nurse burnout?
Difficulties sleeping
Sense of helplessness or hopelessness
Nursing Burnout and the Effect on Patient Care
How is "quality of care" defined?
Nurses were asked to give number of occurences for each of the following:
patient injury due to care, patient falls, nosocomial infections, medication errors, incorrect documentation, and delayed care
Nurses were given a 4-point scale to rate their quality of care. Nurses could answer as "low, fair, high, or very high"
Nurses were given the Practice Enviroment Scale of Nursing Work Index (PES-NWI) which included nursing foundations for quality of care
Limitations and Recommendations

No variation in research designs
Outside of the U.S
Focus emphasized more on one issue
Electronic Databases Searched:
Academic Search Complete
Alt Health Watch
Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition

Inclusion and exclusion criteria
According to Nayeri et. al
, burnout was coined by Freudenberger to describe the constellation of feelings that professionals experience when their emotional resources are depleted
Lack of support services
General Questions
Initial Search Results
Peer Reviewed
Removal of Duplicates
Quantitative Articles related to topic
Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria
Quantitative Research
Peer Reviewed
Published in the English language
Hospital Setting
Relative to our topic
Published between 2009-2014
Articles not Peer Reviewed
Articles were not published in the English language
Studies that were not conducted in a hospital setting
Articles not relative to topic
Articles that were not published between 2009-2014
Increased patient-nurse ratio
Job dissatisfaction
Increased shift lengths
Negative work environments
Lack of administrative support
Poor nurse-physician relationships
Alexa Shuler Rachael Madrigal Kelly Sparks Dee Thompson Adreonna Horn
Increased turnover
Physical illness
Poor job performance
Negative attitudes
et al
., 2014)

(Van Bogaert
et al.,
(Shahriari et al., 2014)
Nantsupawat et al. 2011

Wider variety of research designs conducted
Additional research specific to our inclusion/exclusion criteria should be conducted in the United States
Additional studies should be conducted to further compare nursing burnout and it's effect on patient care
More studies from the patients standpoint rather than the nurses

Keywords in Search
Quality of care OR patient care
(Hooper et. al 2010)
1. What is burnout?
2. What are factors associated with nurse burnout?
3. What are signs of nurse burnout?

To identify the relationship between nurse burnout and the effect it has on patient care.
Hooper et al., 2010
Hooper et al., 2010
Hooper et al., 2010
Hooper et al., 2010
1. How is nurse burnout measured?
2. How does burnout affect patient quality of care?
3. How is "quality of care" defined?
Research Questions
1. How is nurse burnout measured?
2. How does nurse burnout affect the patient's quality of care?
3. How is "quality of care" defined?
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