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Sublime Digital

on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of CCC

Corporate Infrastructure
IT & Marketing
1. Overpaying for unneeded services, faxes lines, etc
2.Discontinue unneeded services
3.Overpaying for ISP services
4.Discontinue duplicated services
5.No Domain
6.No Security
7.No Corporate Infrastructure

Thank you!
Currently we have identified $10,025.47 a month in wasted unneeded or overpriced services this amounts to $120,305.64 a year we SHOULD be saving and reallocating.

Corporate Infrastructure
1.Sign up for Tech Soup
2.Sign up for Teleconnects(Depending on Federal Filing)
3.Install two POE switches
4.Redo two servers
5.Build a domain for security
6.Set up one RDP Server
7.Setup all users with Microsoft 365 accounts
8.Setup backup for accounting and important files, for disaster recovery.
Time to put AT&T's head on a platter. This is How...
Internet and Phone Crossover
a.Discover location of numbers
b.Plan Migration of lines
c.Port Line Into Cloud
d.Bring in new ISP Carrier
e.Sign Contract Comcast
d.Bring in Telesphere( Phones are currently free)
e.Build Phone Scripts
f.Discontinue Shoretel Sytem and Sell Phone Equipement
g.Research ATT&T past bill and bring them in for money back

ATT&T Finding
Phone System Line Cost
Fax Line 916.929.6806 $39.86
POS North Books Store 9169211303 $66.24
Faith Alive Television $1,143.88
Distrubtion Internet Service 144480024 $139.95
Point to Point Distribution AT&T 0720855203300 $305.24
Fax Line 916.929.6806 $46.34 $4.00
ATT&T 916.921.9303 Internet and 3phones Childern School $395.65 $6.00
4 Phone Lines 916.920.4040 $140.00 $8.00
ATT&T 916.921.1303 Fax Line $134.95 $2.00
ATT&T 916.920.4624 2 Phones Lines for Receiving Center $95.95 $4.00
ATT&T 916.649.0685 Phone Lines for $699.14 $30.00
ATT&T Long Distance 854756281(302) $357.05
ATT&T 831-000-0855-399 $613.38
ATT&T 831-0000-700725 $800.19
Michar Tek $600.00
ATT&T 05188719901 Delete Phone Line $95.82
AT&T 916.649.2957 LAS Plamas $59.56
AT&T 125-339-130 $60.00
ATT&T 9163813916 CCCC EAST $66.58
Frontier Communcation $219.30
ATT91664641252 De $204.33
Cell Phone Waste $700.00
ATT&T 916.649.0102 Drug Program $103.03
Dissconnect all the service $20.74
Service Manage Phone $500.00
ATT&T 140037997 Internet School $94.00
ATT&T 5574228203 Fiber Chanels $2,176.10
ATT&T 9169241861 $148.19

Corporate Infrastructure
Fax Solutions
1.Once Lines are ported
2.Setup Efax Account
3.Setup who will receive the faxes
4.Discontinue Old Services
Building Corporate Infrastructure

1.Phase One
B.Phone Crossover
2.Phase Two
A.Marketing and IT Employess
B.Audit Printing Costs
Potential Business

IT and Marketing Staff
Current Payout Estimates
A. $7,500 Distribution
B. $2,000 Website Editor
C. $10,000 Video Editor
D. $3,500 IT
E. $2,500 Graphics Design
F. $25,500 Totals

Example of Potential Revenue Generation Ideas
Bible Study Series

900 Russian Churches
Average of 30 members participating
Paying $5 for course and materials

Total income: $135,000

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