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No description

antoine clairet

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of SAMSUNG EMPIRE

Samsung symbolizes the Korean economic miracle.
344 000 employees.
Revenue: 220 billion us$. 1st high tech company in the world. Become big
Become strong
Exist eternally Samsung means three stars in Korean. Strong corporate culture Performance culture (products and employees).
Samsung's family.
Employees work, live, entertain themselves together.
Samsung City, 8 all over the country. Future "Life & Style" by Samsung 30 000 employees.
Limited access :
Entrance checkpoint.
X Ray exit checkpoint. Samsung Digital City Research and development Samsung hires 40 000 research workers.
Budget : $9 Billion in 2011
One of the secretest research and development center the world.
Quick reaction capacity against the competitors. Strong and Innovative Marketing by Samsung Budget : More than $11 Billion in 2012
Endorsement (targeting each country)
Sport partnership and sponsoring
football, rugby, baseball club

In 2012, changes in the marketing strategy
(New plan : Global Marketing) New advertisement example The different working sectors Samsung Group is a "chaebol", it means it has a lot of different subsidiaries and affiliated businesses.

Samsung represents itself 20% of the Korean Economy.

Add to the economic aspect : SADI
Samsung Art and Design Institut. Multimedia and home appliances Televisions ( LED, 3D)
Bluray DVD players
Home theater systems. Tv - Video Cellphone
Galaxy Notes Mobile Camera
SD Card Photo Laptops
Tablet PC
All in one PC
Memory and storage Computing Washers and dryers
Ranges Home Appliances Shipyards and Cars construction Samsung Heavy Industries Generating high profits by selectively receiving orders for high technology and high value-added ships.
Arctic shuttle tanker.
Semi submersible drilling rill.
Revenue : 8,40 billion $ (2008). Joint venture between Renault and Samsung Motors.
Performing technocenter. Innovation and tests. Renault Samsung Motors World leader in the semiconductor production (use in iPhone production). Samsung C&T Corporation Also performing in civil engineering Involves into nuclear industry. Thanks for your attention ! Were you aware about the power, influence and diversification of Samsung ?

Which vision of Samsung did you have before seeing this presentation ? And after ? Discussion. Samsung also has a bank and insurance subsidiaries. Samsung Empire through the globalization International Trade and Production Antoine Clairet
Pierre Warin M1 - ICM Bank
Fitness Center
Bars, Restaurants
Many associations for the employees. VS VS A total of $16.26 billion FDI plans were registered with South Korea in the 2012. Samsung is fully integrated into the globalization. Examples of joint-venture:
aT Grain with other south korean companies.
Samsung Air China Life Insurance.
Samsung Biologics with an american company.
Samsung BP Chemicals.
Samsung Thales/Samsung Total.
Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology.
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