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topic sentence

No description

cyrena erediauwa

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of topic sentence

topic sentence
a topic sentence is a sentence in a paragraph.

its the first sentence in the paragraph . what it does is introduce the main idea of the paragraph.so in many words it acts as the thesis statements. How you can identify it is by...

it is direct and clear.
it Identify the Topic.
it Grabs the Main Idea of the paragraph.
what is a topic sentence ?
How to start a topic sentence?
How you can start one is by summarizing the main idea of your paragraph. so then you can help the reader indicate what your paragraph will be about .
state your topic in the sentence so it will give the reader a bit of what your topic is going be about, but it should ....

State your main idea clearly
it Hooks your reader
its short and sweet
you could even start by giving your opinion on your topic
now you have a topic sentence!
Here is examples of what it should look like
Cell phones getting banned from school.
topic sentence:
Jennifer had never been tempted to cheat on an exam until the day she got an anonymous text from someone in class.
topic :
the enjoyment of going to outdoor concerts.
topic sentence:
michelle's life was changed forever when her friend invited here to a concert that she never imaging going to in her life.
Ways to decrease the teen pregnancy rate.
topic sentence:
At 16,Miranda knew she was too young to raise a child, but the realization occurred to her too late.

why you should like japanese fashion.
topic sentence:
there is three reasons why japan has one of the most interesting fashion scene in the world.
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