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education tn the uae

No description

asom salem

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of education tn the uae

EDUCATION IN UAE Education in UAE In the past "muotawaa"
teaching student. Levels of education. Teaching methods in UAE. UAE It is one of the leading countries in the field of education now, and characterized by excellent educational services which received by every citizen in any place in the country Finally,, in the past and present Qur'an and Hadith Learn the five pillars of Islam
and ablution. writing and reading Old school activities Tug of war Establishing schools 1950 1907 Sultan Bin Salem School between 1948_1919 Ahmadiya School in Dubai 1912,
Wahhabi school 1911 and Nabudi
1921 in Sharjah Darwish School in AbuDhabi 1940 The one of important reasons of development of education is discover the oil. Care about education start when
discovered the oil 1950, step by step. Done by: Abir - bakhata - Asma Sheikh Zayed was the main supporter of education, where cemented in the minds of the people of the UAE that the development linked with education show how important education is in his statements, including this statement "The education of the people and educate them in itself a great wealth proud of it, science wealth and we build our future on a scientific basis." Links:
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