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The Global Health Coalition

No description

Eric Obscherning

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of The Global Health Coalition

The Big Idea
Interest in global health
is growing...
"a more than doubling of the numbers of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students in just three years, from 2006 to 2009, in 37 North American universities" -CUGH, 2009
We organize into groups...
We seek first-hand experience...
Despite disjointed efforts and miscommunication...
...especially among
undergraduate students.
...but collaboration is marred by number and competition.
...but overlook ethics
and critical reflection.
...our visions remain rooted in global health equity.
Wait a second, our problems...
1. Competition
2. Lack of critical reflection
3. Disjointed efforts and miscommunication
...sound familiar.
Because our own world leaders...
...face similar problems.
So what do we make of this microcosm?
We believe in the conception of a community...
A community of...
Global Health Coalition
Global Health
...were students once, too.
A community in a position to...
encourage collaboration, best practice sharing, and reflection
...that acts more like a family and less like an institution...
...and acknowledges the potential for leadership development.
Our mission is to encourage collaboration, best practice sharing, and critical reflection amongst student leaders and their organizations for the progressive realization of growth.
Our vision is to see Millennial leaders acquire the tools necessary to outgrow the problems that plague current aid efforts, while fostering a more cohesive movement toward justice & health equity.
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