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iOs vs Android


Patrick Nieder

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of iOs vs Android

Android History 3rd. Black Diamond - 155,07€ Most expensive and useless Apps on Android Market 2nd. Spite - 141,15€ 1st. Got Cash? - 100€ Playstore First announced on 28th August 2008
Only available with an Google Mail Account
Around 700.000 Apps uploaded (15% Games) Top 10 App downloads in Germany Easter eggs Do a barrel Roll Icecreamsandwhich 2003 2008 2005 Android was founded Google took over Android Android officially released History 2007 2010 (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Devices 1st iPhone OS released vs iPhone OS iOS iOS 3rd. Black Diamond - 155,07€ Most expensive and useless Apps on AppStore 2nd. KGulf - 141,15€ 1st. iVIP Black - 799€ Siri Easter eggs Devices App Store The Initial Release was on 10.06.2008
More than 700.000 Apps
Over 35 billion downloads Comparison Android runs on more mobile Devices The iOS app Store is saver than the Playstore Apple gives the User less freedom than Android iOS work better with the Hardware together This is the Result a never-ending fight... Philips Hue Control your lights with your Apple Device - Up to 50 bulbs
- Produces nearly every Color
- Fully programmable bulbs
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