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Who Owns the Ice House?

No description

John Borawski

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Who Owns the Ice House?

Who Owns the Ice House?
Eight Life Lessons From An
Unlikely Entrepreneur
2013 Common Reading Experience
Introduce Yourself
Would You Rather?
Uncle Cleve's
Foundational Principle
Our ability to choose our reaction to circumstance is a foundational pillar in the entrepreneurial mindset.
There are misconceptions about steps to success.
rare talents
access to money
power and privilege
By attributing success to these misconceptions, we blind ourselves to opportunities and untapped potential.
Use an academic planner
Come prepared
Line Up!
Without talking, line up in order...
Uncle Cleve's Message
Problems were opportunities, he found solutions-- thus benefiting from them.
Problems are often opportunities in disguise.
Entrepreneurs are often problem-solvers and the secret to their success lies in their ability to identify problems and find solutions.
Participate in class discussions.
Get in 4 rows
Let's play with shapes!
Uncle Cleve's Message:
To be a person of action is to focus on things that can be changed, plan for those changes, and implement those changes.
Each step involves momentum to carry to the next.
Falling to self-limiting mindsets prevents you from trying and encourages the waste of time
Go to class!
Read your course syllabus.
What do you know?
What's your major?
Name one thing you know about your field of study.
Uncle Cleve's Message
It is important to obtain and retain knowledge.
Be unafraid of criticism and yearn to learn.
Observe the world around you.
Knowledge is an ever-improving skill
The connection between knowledge, effort and outcome must be understood to understand how it affects our decisions.
Read before class.
Money, Money, Money...
Answer this:
If you won the lottery and received a lump sum of $1,000,000 (after taxes), what would you do with it?
Uncle Cleve's Message
Invest effort and time in endeavors and products that would benefit him long-term.
Put impulses last, focused on things that could improve is situation and help him to the next rung.
Conserved money so he can invest later.
Meet others and exchange contact information
Ship my pants...
Uncle Cleve's Message
There is empowerment in being reliable
Uncle Cleve's brand was his reliability and adherence to his code of conduct
Reputation can be controlled
Do not lower your standards in circumstance.
Actions speak louder than words.
Build a reputation of reliability
Mind your manners.
Be on time.
Get into groups of 3
What is one thing you all have in common?
(things that don't count: being a Kent State student, major, age)
Uncle Cleve's Message
Know the importance of relationships
Avoid indulgence in gossip or small talk
Acquire knowledge through the success of others and apply those principles
Surround yourself with people of positive influence.
Learn to tap into a network of mentors and trusted advisors.
Get involved outside the classroom
What's in a towel?
Split into 2 groups
Find three uses for the blue towel.
No idea will be dismissed.
Uncle Cleve's Message
Hard work and persistence is what lead to his eventual success.
Persistence is often clouded by popular conceptions of talent, luck and circumstance
Meet with your advisor every semester
Sit in the front of the class
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