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By: Arielle Kendrick

Arielle Kendrick

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of MOSCHINO

In 1971, began to work for Gianni Versace as a illustrator.
1976, became a designer at Italian company Cadette. Where he worked along side designer Karl Lagerfeld.
1983, he left Cadette and launched his own company 'Moonshadow'. 'Moshino Couture' was launched under the company.
1985 Moschino men’s collection debuts for spring 1986. (The fall 1987 men's collection will be shown on women). Franco Moschino Born in 1950 in Abbiatetegrasso, a small industrial town near Milan.
As a small child Franco grew an interest in art and drawing.
In 1967, he attended the Academia Di Bella in Milan.
He worked as a model and waitor.
He then began to work as a illustrator.
Sketched for fashion magazines and houses By: Arielle Kendrick 1986 Moschino Jeans and Accessories were launched.
1987 Moschino first fragrance.
1988 Moschino sub brand Cheap & Chic.
Franco felt to be fashionable did not mean, one had to wear expensive clothes and jewelry.
1989 Moschino first boutique opened on Via Sant'Andrea in Milan. 1991 Moschino decided to do private showings of his collections.
Collections were shown to buyers via video cameras.
1993 Moschino celebrates his ten year anniversary with show "X Anni di Kaos 1983-1993".
Favorite supermodels and children adorned red AIDS awarness ribbons on garments.
The show benefited Children with AIDS. "X Anni di Kaos " Smiley-face jackets meant to inspire friendship and love.
A teddy bear coat to encourage us to be kind to animals and to nature
A "waist of time" suit and "fashion is full of chic" T-shirt.
Two of the many items Moschino has designed to remind fashion lovers not to take clothes too seriously. 1994 Moschino final collection 'Ecouture' capsule line. The line purpose was to only use evironment-friendly fabrics and dyes.
September 18, 1994 Franco Moschino passes away.
Due to complication from abdominal tumor.
Rosella Jardini becomes Creative Director
Still holds Creative Director title. MOSCHINO Style Evocative combinations and creations
Playful nature
Irreverent styles
Out of this word fashions
Design Elements
Painting and putting stamps on garments.
Unique appliques such as eggshells and windmills (used as buttons).
Knives and folks. MOSCHINO Creations Dresses resembling shopping bags.
Umbrellas made from Burberry-style.
Raincoats,jackets that looked like shoes.
One white shirt designed to resemble a straitjacket.
Elongated arms that wrapped around the body.
Stencilled on the back were the words;
"For fashion victims only". MOSCHINO Today References

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