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Two Becomes One

No description

Meghan Bell

on 26 January 2018

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Transcript of Two Becomes One

The goal of the first part of this project is to create two very different but very well thought out Pinch Pots.
:::The Project:::
:::Two Becomes One:::
Still Boring.........
Better :)
Still Better...
More Interesting & Creative...
Have Fun with these pinch pots.

They can be anything that your heart desires but HAVE to sit as two separate pieces when you are finished.
Make them your own.
Don't be BORING!!
:::Two Becomes One:::

The purpose of the second part of this project is to push you creatively with materials that do not belong to you.
(Part II)
It is easy to make projects when you
have 100% in the say of how things are
constructed, BUT what happens when some
of that freedom is taken from you??
The Project.....
Each of you will be creating
ONE single piece from the
2 Pinch Pots that were just created.
But wait...
You will only be using one of your own pinch pots...the other pinch pot will be someone elses'.
Each person will put one of their pinch pots in for the lotto.
You will brainstorm
sketch out ideas before executing your final piece.
While you should be transforming what you now have (you may add details and take some away), BUT you must still keep the integrity of the pinch pots you have.
You must turn in
cohesive piece.
(Part I)
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