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The Hunger Games

The epic Trailor

Keaton Tranel

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of The Hunger Games

This is the Parody This is the trailor to the hunger games This it Katniss she is the main character This is Cato Katniss's enemy This is Clove from district 2. Somone messed that up. LOOK. My friend Riece is begging me to put this on, He loves her. These are the tributes This is where Rue [Katniss's ally dies. The guy is Thresh. He is from Rues district 11. This is Rue while they view her before she enters the arena. This is her as she points ar a tracker Jacker Nest above Katniss as she lay above tha Careers. This is Secena Crane A game maker. They make and add stuff to the games. Here is Thresh, I hope you remember him from before. {Otherwise you are messed up like my friend riece.}
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