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Web 3.0

The future of the internet.....

Rebecca Johnson

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Web 3.0

WEB 3.0 Holograms Make history come to life.
Hologram pals, learn and interact with foreign speakers.
Intelligent Search Agent Online Operating Systems Computer is accessable from anywhere
Records your actions
Personalizes and adapts
i.e. - iGoogle
Teleportation "Beam me up Scotty."

Beam objects to the classroom.

Beam students to the historical site. Field trip!

Simulation A virtual reality for practical application.
Great for foreign language and historical studies. Credits David Udall
James Fry
Rebecca Johnson
Samantha Gerard
Sarah Marsh HI Hello. (Also would make
for more effective
Fire Drills.) It's all about the person... Complex Sentences Predictions and Intelligent Assessment Teleportation Telaportation "To the Zoo!" "This seems illogical Jim." Teleportation
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