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Renewable Energy Sources Project

By Jaelyn Lee

Jaelyn Lee

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Renewable Energy Sources Project

Solar Energy
Solar Energy
I suggest that the government should request the solar panels to every house in Bermuda because in Bermuda the sun is mostly shining, we won't have to really worry about using up all the non-renewable sources.
Solar Energy is generated by the suns light rays. When the sun shines the light rays hit the solar panels.
The solar panels need to be on the rooftop of your house, this is because no tress or anything is blocking your roof so there fore the solar panels will get all the sun light that is shining.
Some advantages with the solar energy powering are:
It's renewable
The sun shines bright
No bills
Some disadvantages for the solar energy powering are:
The sun isn't always shining
Cost a lot
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