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Youth Offending Gaming

Presentation for CLC Conference 2009

Alex Jones

on 19 March 2012

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Transcript of Youth Offending Gaming

Youth Offending Gaming CLC manager since 2001 AND AND Planning SYeLP funding
young people on ISSP
10 week course – a day a week
iMedia - missionmaker YOS staff
university students
immersive trainer
not like a school The session was quite interesting it is quite easy once you get used to it
I enjoyed making the pick up triggers and using the active prop
I disliked the door triggers and the complete shutting down of the software.
Next week I want to make different rooms with different textures. GOOD AND BAD effective change
found a good formula
kids turned up and were into it
they like audio blogging
they have produced good stuff BUT they didn’t like blogging, written or video
they are impatient
they need 1-1
how to sustain? ANY QUESTIONS? email alex@nwsclc.net
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