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Year 9 -all concepts- "If I were a Ship" by Hey Ocean!

No description

Mrs Billingham

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Year 9 -all concepts- "If I were a Ship" by Hey Ocean!

"If I were a Ship" by Hey Ocean!
Tone Colour
Dynamics & Expressive Techniques
TIPS: tonality (scale), melody, harmony
TIPS: instrumentation, layers, density of sound
TIPS: metre, tempo, rhythms
TIPS: describe sound of each instrument with lots of adjectives, any playing techniques.
TIPS: mood, emotion, playing techniques
TIPS: sections, repetition, length of phrases, form.
Melodic ostinato played on an exotic instrument with metal keys. Its sound is bright, similar to a xylophone, short sound (not sustained)
Lead female singer in middle register, timbre is sweet, relaxed, a little breathy
maraccas produce a dry, shaking, percussive sound
Major key, bright, optimistic sound
Melody of first verse is sung as a solo line
First melodic phrase begins with an ascending leap, then descends by step. This phrase then is repeated (but with different words.)
The melodic ostinato uses repeated notes and then one descending note by step. It is using harmony and providing the harmonic support for the melody.
In 3rd verse, word painting is used for the lyrics "sweet harmony" - as the melody has been mostly solo, but at that point breaks into harmony with a male singer singing the harmonic line beneath the female lead vocals.
44 simple quadruple time
moderate tempo, steady without change, yet sounds relaxed
ostinato is syncopated, providing a relaxed/quirky feel and giving the piece some rhythmic momentum
maracca played on the beat (crotchets)
homophonic (means melody & accompaniment)
Begins with single female vocal line over a melodic ostinato, soon joined by maraccas. Fairly sparse texture, creating an intimate feel. Later guitar and backing vocals (male) join to slightly thicken the texture. The melody, though, is still mostly solo with harmonies interjected for expressive effect (eg word painting with harmony on the lyrics "sweet harmony".)
The song is strophic, meaning having several verses that have the same melody but different words.
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