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Structural Sources of Social Change

No description

Chris Steele

on 28 November 2017

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Transcript of Structural Sources of Social Change



Aging Population



Myths of immigration
1. Immigrants take American Jobs

2. Immigrants compete with low-skilled workers and drive down wages

3. Unions oppose immigration because it harms the working class

4. Immigrants don't pay taxes

5. Immigrants are a drain on the economy

6. Immigrants send most of what they earn out of the country in the form of remittances
Myths of Immigration
11. Since we are all the descendants of immigrants here, we all start on equal footing

12. Today's immigrants threaten the national culture because they are not assimilating

13. Today's immigrants are not learning English and bilingual education just adds to the problem

14. Immigrants only come here because they want to enjoy our higher standard of living
The process by which everyone on Earth becomes increasingly interconnected economically, politically, culturally, and environmentally
Myths of Immigration
7. The rules apply to everyone, so new immigrants need to follow them just as immigrant the past did

8. The country is being overrun by illegal immigrants

9. The United States has a generous refugee policy

10. The United States is a melting pot that has always welcome immigrants from all over the world
Structural Sources of Social Change
Economic and Demographic
Global ideology = Capitalism
Offshoring Outsourcing
Massachussets General Hospital ------> X-Rays read in India
Boeing ------> Russian engineers work on projects
Bank of America ---------> Moved 1000 jobs to India cutting 3700 jobs
Jet Blue & US Airways ----> Have planes tuned up in El Salvador

2001 to 2011 - US lot 2.7 million jobs to China

Contingent Employment
Benefits Insecurity
Declining Wages, people working more but productivity is up
The movement of people across political boundaries
Myths of Immigration
15. The American public opposes immigration, and the debate in Congress reflects that

16. The overwhelming victory of Proposition 187 in California shows that the public opposes immigration

17. Immigration is a problem

18. Countries need to control who goes in and out

19. We need to protect our borders to prevent criminals and terrorists from entering the county

20. If people break our laws by immigrating illegally, they are criminals and should be deported

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