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Navy Seal

No description

Nicholas Wolfe

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Navy Seal

Special Forces, Marine Recon, S.O.C.O.M.
Additional Information & Fun Facts
Selectivity, Salary, & Demand
Navy Seal Compilation Video
Related Careers:
Navy Seals
Navy Seals
Selectivity/Passing Percent:
Signed Enlistment, 79%
Graduate Recruit Training,58%
Seal Indoctrination, 85%
B.U.D./s Phase 1, 33%
B.U.D./s Phase 2, 87%
B.U.D./s Phase 3, 96%
Airborne School, 100%
SQT 99%
The Navy Seal Trident is also called a Budweiser
B.U.D./s training facility is in La Jolla, California
Seals do not need underwater diving licenses
The "Grinder" is where PT takes place
To quit you must ring the bell 3 times
$56,000 a year (Enlisted)
$65,000 a year (Officer)

Looking for those intersted
Tuition is $0 With Senatorial Sponsor
Nicholas M. Wolfe
U.S. Naval Academy
To Enter the Navy:
Education Required
What they Do
Navy Seals
High-School Diploma (Enlisted)
Any College Degree (Officer)
ROTC (Officer)
The term Seal stands for SEa, Air, & Land. The Seals duty is to conduct small-unit maritime military operations which originate from, and return to a river, ocean, swamp, delta or coastline. This littoral capability is more important now than ever in our history since half the worlds infrastructure and population is located within a mile of an ocean or river.

The minumum requirements to even receive a chance to go to B.U.D./s is as follows:
500 yard swim in 8 minutes
100 Push Ups in 2 Minutes
100 Sit Ups in 2 Minutes
20+ Pull Ups
1.5 Mile Run in 9 Minutes (in boots and pants)
Navy Seal
To Become a Seal:
Complete the Seal Challenge Contract
Complete B.U.D./S Interview & B.U.D./S
Complete S.Q.T.
Become assigned to a team that has an opening
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