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By Amanda Kenney

Mr. Stack

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Hawaii

Hawaii's capital is Honolulu, Oahu. Hawaii's 8 major islands are Maui.,Oahu, kauai, Hawaii also known as the big island, Nihau, Moloki, Kahoolawe, and Lanai. Hawaii's nickname is the "aloha state" volcanoes HAWAIIAN ISLANDS Hawaii By Amanda Kenney And Joey Wydan The Reef Triggerfish The Reef Trigger Fish is Hawaii's state fish. The Hawaiian Hibiscus The Hawaiian Hibiscus is hawaii's state flower Hawaiian animals Hawaii is made up of many volcanoes. Six Hawaiian volcanoes are the Lo'ihi, the Kilawea, the Mouna Loa, the Mouna Kea, the Hualalai, and the Kohala. Oahu has the Koolau and the Wanianae. Kaho'olawe has the west Molakai and the east Molokai volcano. Hawaii has a national park called "Hawaii Volocanoes National Park." Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. made up entirely of volcanoes. HAWAIIAN CULTURE The tiki the Tiki is a Hawaiian tradition. Tikis represent princpal gods, guardians, and spirit powers. Ku = the god of war. Lano = The god of agriculture and peace time. Kane = The god of creation. Kanaloa = The god of sea realm. Hawaiian language The Hula and the Luau The hula is a Hawaiian tradition. It can happen during luaus on special occasions. The traditional meal is roasted pig. The Hula is the state dance. The lei The lei is a Hawaiian tradition . They were traditionally exchanged between 2 tribes to signify piece. It is an extra special gift that carries a blessing, tangible beauty, and it represents the giving of time. The Hawaii custom indicates that it should be offered graciously with a kiss and taken off privately. AND TRADITIONS The island Leis Each island has its own special lei. Oahu's lei is the Ilima and its color is yellow. Maui's lei is the Lokeani Akala and its color is pink rose. Kauai's lei is the Mokihana and its color is green. Hawaii's [or the Big Island's] lei is the Lehua and its color is red. Molokai's lei is the Kukui and it can be silver, green, or silver and green. Lanai's lei is the Kaunaoa and its colr is orange. .

j kahoolawe's is the Hunching its colors are silver and gray. Niihau's lei is the Pupu and it is made of white shells . Molokani's lei is the Limu Kala and its color is blue. Oahu's Ilima Maui's Lokelani
Akala Kauai's Mokihana lei hawaii's Lehua lei Molokai's Kukui
lei Lanai's
Kannaoa lei Kahoolawe's Hunching
lei Around
Mickey's neck. Niihau's
Pupu lei Molokani's Limu Kala There are 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet, 5 are vowels and the 7 left over are consonants making it the shortest alphabet in the world. Aloha means hello and goodbye. It can show love, sympanthy, kindness, compassion, affection, and fondness. Welcome to Hawaii! Hawaii's state bird The Tiger Shark Dolphins The Nene is Hawaii's state bird. Hawaii's state tree The Candlenut is Hawaii's state tree. Hawaii's state mammal The Monk Seal is Hawaii's state mammal. The state insect is the Kamehameha butterfly The state insect The State dance The Hula is Hawaii's state dance - Hope you enjoyed Hawaii tropical bird monk seals blue whale monk seals sea turtles
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