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Number The Stars Juanita

No description


on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Number The Stars Juanita

Number The Stars
Author by: Lois Lowry
Vocabulary Words
To control the amount that is used.

Moved Slowly.

To have hopes to impress.

Left a mark.

Star of David:
A six point star that is a symbol of Judaism

Twisted out of a natural,normal,
or original shape or condition.

Not full worked out or developed.

To think unworthy of notice.

In a manner that is superior to someone.

To not quiver or tremble.

Annemarie is a lanky she loves to do computation she has blond hair she is caring and very smart.
Ellen is stocky she is Jewish, she has dark
black hair she is a caring girl.
Kristi is a little girl she likes to pout and she thinks she is better than every one .
The Giraffe
The Giraffe is a solder that has a very long neck
he is always grading the corner of the village.
Number the Stars the book takes place in war war II when their where problems with the Jewish and the Germans.When then Hitler was in charge of the hole situation. And he didn't what the Jewish to existent.
I do recommend this book because it is show how people felt when they where in war war 11 so if you like history this books this is the one for you. It is very discriptive.
The problem of the book is that in the country that Anniemarie lives in the Jewish people are not respected in the country or not allowed the what to execute them because they think they are not important the leader of all this was Hitler he made all of this . So since they don't what the Jewish to exist one friend of Anniemarie that her name is Ellen she is Jewish and they tray to do every thing possible to help her and that the solders don't suspect about her.
At the end of the book every thing is a happy ending and Hitler now does not govern any more and her friend Ellen is okay and now the Jewish are free again and no problems and every thing goes back to its original form and Ellen is okay but she had some difficulty on the way.
I dont really identify my self with no one in the story, but in some things me and Anniemarie are kind of similar like she is lanky just like me and she is smart I really like how in the book she is very strong and doesn't give up.
What thing I would change about the book?
I would have changed the middle to more action and more interesting things I think that they should have don more ditales about Anniemaries parents helping the Jewish people but ralther that I really liked the book.
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