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Find the joy in your life

No description

Shuhai Fang

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Find the joy in your life

Find the joy in your life
Let's play a game
What's your interest?
If you have a chance
to choose your work
A. interest
B. money
If you choose A...
You can enjoy your work time
You have the confidence to accomplish your work
You are proud of
your achievement
Sometimes lack of money
Opposed by your parents and friends
If you choose B...
No money problem
Respected by the people around you
Feel boring in work time
High pressure from work
Choose a place to live
A. Modern city
B. Coastal town
If you choose A...
You can see the modern city outside
Near the shopping mall
Convenient Transportation
Small apartment
Noisy outside
Air pollution
If you choose B...
You can see the sea outside
Big house
Nothing outside
Transportation is not convenient
If your parents prepared a lot of money for you
But you can only
use these money for two things
B. go to the best university
If you choose A...
A. travel around the world
You will see the amazing world
And you will get a lot of
When you use up your money,and come
back. What will you do?
If you choose B...
You will receive the best education
You will become knowledgeable
and can make money yourself
When you get enough money again,you are
no longer young.
If you get a cancer,
and your life have only
one year.
A. to do something you have
never done
B. stay with your family
I want to introduce
a movie to you
Two old men who got the
cancer try to do something
they had never done
The black old man had a perfect family,
but have no money to experience more.

The white old man had a lot of money,
but have a broken family.

Finally, both of them found their joys.
Our lives are streams flowing into the same river towards whatever heaven lies in the mist beyond the falls...
There are three sentences in this video I want to share to you.
Whatever who we are,we all will go
to the heaven.
Life is short ,and don't
complain the inequality
Just use your short life to make good influence
to the world.
The first sentence
The second sentence
You're certainly not everyone,
but everyone is everyone.
Everyone is everyone,
but you're certainly not everyone
The questions I have asked to you have no correct answer
All things I taught to you
are not really right.
I just want to share
you my opinion
You have your opinion,
which make you unique
Try to think about the knowledge your teacher taught you.
Are they right or
The third sentence
Find the joy in your life
You can design your environment
Or yourself
If you feel happy because of your design
It's a kind of "find the joy in your life".
Computer and design
are the joys in his life
He had enjoyed his work
very much
Today is Chinese new year
(Spring Festival)
But I enjoy teaching you in Nowy Sacz.
You will have a lot
of choices in the
I hope you will find the joy in your life
Statement :
All the situations are the
image, not true.
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