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Genre by Numbers

A data-driven description of academic discourse

Roger Graves

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Genre by Numbers

Genre by Numbers
A Data-driven description of academic discourse
This map, while derived from the University of Alberta, is a composite that contains information about assignments derived from programs at 11 different universities.
Social Sciences
Physical Education,
The bottom line:
Papers and essays are the dominant genres in English courses
Bottom line:
Papers, essays, presentations, lab reports, assignments, and proposals are the dominant genres in the social sciences
The bottom line:
Lab reports, reports, assignments, presentations, proposals dominate in the sciences
The bottom line:
Engineering is dominated by lab reports and other reports, presentations, and proposals
The bottom line:
Papers, lab reports, presentations, and assignments dominate here
The bottom line:
There is no consensus here; the two faculties diverge, with one having very discipline-specific genres while the other is dominated by "paper"
Roger Graves
Professor, English and Film Studies
Director, Writing Across the Curriculum
Associate Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning
University of Alberta
roger.graves@ualberta.ca/ @rogergraves
Sample size = 4086 [January 2014]
36 administrative teaching units [programs, departments, faculties/schools]
11 universities:
3 small schools (full-time enrollment under 1500)
3 mid-size schools (~15000 students)
4 large schools (25000-30000 students)
1 super-size me school (50000+)

78% of syllabi did not provide rubrics

79% did not mention revision
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