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No description

Lauren Hansbarger

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of Lominger

Lominger Leadership Architect
Card Sort Directions
1. Shuffle the 67 Competency Sort Cards three times to randomize the cards. Place all other cards to the side.
Leadership Architect Diagnostic Map
1. Take your cards from pile A and using a yellow highlighter, highlight the corresponding competencies on the map.
Interpreting Your Results
1. Library Structure-What clusters stand out as your strength and weaknesses?
What is Lominger Leadership Architect?
The Leadership Architect Library consists of:
67 Competencies
19 Career Stallers and Stoppers
26 Clusters
8 Factors
-statistically derived from over 15 years of ongoing normative studies.
2. Access Divider Cards A, B and C, and place them in front of you to label piles.
3. Consider this question, "How would you rank yourself on the following competencies?
Three-Way Flat Sort
4. Using the front side of the cards, sort them into three piles:
22 cards in pile A (High), 23 cards in pile B (Moderate), and 22 cards in pile C (Low).
2. Take your cards from pile C and using a pink highlighter, highlight the corresponding competencies on the map.
Leadership Architect Library Structure
1. Transfer your yellow and pink highlights onto the Library Structure page.
Competencies are observable and measurable characteristics of a person that include using knowledge and demonstrating skills, behaviors, and abilities that contribute to performing well. A competency can be a behavioral skill, a technical skill, an attribute (such as intellectual horsepower), or an attitude (such as compassion).
2. Career Flow Research-Based on your current role and goals for future roles, which competencies are most important? Now consider the results of your card sort...how do they compare?
3. Look at the Developmental Difficulty to help determine a starting point.
4. Diagnostic Map-Big 8, Learning Agility, EQ

The 67 Lominger Competencies are cutting-edge career competence and success profile tools developed by Mike Lombardo and Bob Eichinger to increase organizational capability with more focused results.
67 Competencies
Action oriented

Dealing with ambiguity


Boss relationships

Business acumen

Career ambition

Caring about direct reports

Comfort around higher management

Command skills



Conflict management

Confronting direct reports


Customer focus

Decision quality


Developing direct reports and others

Directing others

Managing diversity

Ethics and values

Fairness to direct reports

Functional or Technical skills

Hiring and staffing



Innovation management

Integrity and trust

Intellectual horsepower

Interpersonal savvy

Timely decision making

Learning on the fly


Managerial courage

Managing and measuring work

Motivating others


Organizational agility


Dealing with paradox


Peer relationships


Personal disclosure

Personal learning

Technical learning

Time management

Total work systems

Understanding others

Managing vision and purpose

Work/life balance

Written communication



Political savvy

Presentation skills

Priority settings

Problem solving

Process management

Drive for results



Sizing up people

Standing alone

Strategic agility

Managing through systems

Building effective teams
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