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Body Building Presentation

No description

Jeremy Thompson

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Body Building Presentation

Bodybuilding Jeremy Thompson He was only 19 years old and decided to compete in Mr. Universe, which he lost.
It was this loss that sparked a fire inside him to push himself to the limit and the aid that he received from one of the judges was all that he needed to start that journey
The belief that Mr. Bennett had in Arnold at such a young age is what convinced him to stay in England and continue to train
Arnold spent the next year working on his legs, as well as other aspects that previously held him back
It was the vision and desire to be on top that kept him motivated The Beginning Someone can decide to become a bodybuilder for any number of reasons
Substitute to other sports
Aesthetic Purposes
Personal goals
Lifestyle / Health change Body building entails the sculpting of the muscles of the body with the goal of adding muscle mass to one's frame with the vision of competition or personal satisfaction
There is Natural Bodybuilding where no steroids and certain supplements are banned and tested for
Regular bodybuilding such as the competitions for Mr. Universe or Mr. Olympia have light to no testing involved as it is accepted that certain supplements and steroids are being used What is Bodybuilding? Why Bodybuilding? Arnold won Mr. Olympia 7 times / special 7th
He became a world-famous actor
He became the Governor of California Never a Finished Product Physical Lifestyle Changes
Dieting / Supplementing
Power / Giant / Super / Negative / Routine
Mental Lifestyle Changes
Discipline Mr. Universe & Mr. Olympia
Weight Classes
Natural vs. Supplemented The makings of a bodybuilder... Competitions / Shows
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