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PlayTree 10 Day 7

No description

RnD 1 Pangram

on 5 December 2017

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Transcript of PlayTree 10 Day 7

Warm Up
Wrap Up
Main Lesson
Story Time
Tell students the story about Mike.
If possible, ask them to tell the story.
Open Your Student Book
Student Book pp. 28~31
Day 7
Where Is My Doggy?

Where are they?
Spotty! Come here!
Where is my doggy?
He is at school. No!
He is at the supermarket. No!
He is at the hospital. No!
He is at the bakery. No!
He is at the fire station. No!
I find him. He plays at the playground.
Review the places and people. Then chant together.
Where do you . . . ?
Review the places and people.
Teacher Talk: Who is he? He is a
fire fighter
Where is it? It's a
fire station
A fire fighter is at the fire station
Help students think who needs which vehicle.
Help students review what they do in each place.
A baker is at the bakery.
I see animals at the zoo.
When I am sick, I go to the hospital.
I eat at the restaurant.
I buy apples at the supermarket.
I see a movie at the movie theater.
I play at the playground.
I learn (study) at school.
I buy bread at the bakery.
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