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CJ Worship: Abraham Almost Sacrifices Isaac

No description

Donavan Childs

on 22 May 2018

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Transcript of CJ Worship: Abraham Almost Sacrifices Isaac

One hot summer afternoon Abraham was sitting by the entrance to his tent near the sacred trees of Mamre, when the Lord appeared to him. Abraham looked up and saw three men standing nearby.

He quickly ran to meet them, bowed with his face to the ground, and said:
“Please come to my home where I can serve you..."

While they were eating, he stood near them under the trees, and they asked:

“Where is your wife Sarah?”

“She is right there in the tent,”

Abraham answered.

One of the guests was the Lord, and he said:
“I’ll come back about this time next year, and when I do,
Sarah will already have a son.”

Sarah was behind Abraham, listening at the entrance to the tent...
she laughed and said to herself:

“Now that I am worn out and my husband is old,
will I really know such happiness?”

The Lord asked Abraham:
“Why did Sarah laugh? Does she doubt that she can have a child in her old age?
I am the Lord! There is nothing too difficult for me. I’ll come back next year at the time I promised, and Sarah will already have a son.”
Genesis 18: 1-14
God's Promise to Abraham & sarah:
Some years later God decided to test Abraham, so he spoke to him.

Abraham answered, “Here I am, Lord.”

The Lord said, “Go get Isaac, your only son, the one you dearly love! Take him to the land of Moriah, and I will show you a mountain where you must sacrifice him to me on the fires of an altar.” So Abraham got up early the next morning and chopped wood for the fire. He put a saddle on his donkey and left with Isaac and two servants for the place where God had told him to go.
Three days later Abraham looked off in the distance and saw the place. He told his servants, “Stay here with the donkey,
while my son and I go over there to worship. We will come back.”

Abraham put the wood on Isaac’s shoulder, but he carried the hot coals and the knife.
As the two of them walked along, Isaac said, “Father, we have the coals and the wood, but where is the lamb for the sacrifice?”
“My son,” Abraham answered, “God will provide the lamb.”

The two of them walked on, and when they reached the place that God had told him about, Abraham built an altar and placed the wood on it. Next, he tied up his son and put him on the wood. He then took the knife and got ready to kill his son.
If Abraham does not sacrifice his son, does this show he is not loyal to god?
Will Abraham Go Through With Killing His Son?
Give Reasons Why or why not

Would You Kill Your Child?

Is something right because it is right or because god said it's right?

what's more powerful
the love of your child
or the loyalty of god?
Do you value the gift or the Giver?
What is Loyalty?
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