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web Design New trends 2013

No description

Madonna Raafat

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of web Design New trends 2013

Skeuomorphism Is Out, Flat Is Definitely In
Flat web design focuses on typography and the use of color.
Flat design refers to a philosophy that encourages simplicity, clarity and usability. In practice, that means stripping away nifty 3D textures or drop shadows while keeping the bare essentials.
Skeuomorphism refers to design that resembles real-life objects
Designed Fonts
Big text with unique font styles can stand out just as much as oversized photography
Mix and Match Typography
When it comes to minimal design, typography is a fun element to play with.
When done right, large typography can add to the brand and make a site's message more impactful
web Design Trends in 2013-2014
Flat Design
Flat Design
Responsive Layouts
“Parallax,” when two or more parallel objects move at different speeds.
Large Photo Backgrounds
Last year,
oversized image backgrounds
were a popular trend.
This year, not only are large photo backgrounds still popular, but full
video backgrounds
are also a trend..
Single Page Sites
The focus on content first design along with other design trends like infinite and Parallax scrolling has increased the popularity of single page websites in 2013. These websites place less emphasis on designing “above the fold” so that site visitors know they will find everything they are looking for on one page.
Fixed Header Bars
Fixed headers have become popular because it allows the user to navigate through your site without having to scroll through a lot of content on your page
Neon colors
Although neon has been a big trend in fashion and interior design for a while now, it’s still a fresh and interesting look for web design. It’s just one part of the 80s revival that’s being incorporated into all different kinds of design of late.
Air Jordan 2012
Grayden Poper – Interactive Portfolio
Block Layouts
Color Blocking
Color blocking could be called the bricks and mortar trend of web design. Using square (or rectangular or even curved) colored boxes as a design tool are beginning to show up almost everywhere.

The trend started in the world of fashion. Bags, shoes and even sweaters sported the trend of putting multiple colors together – but not as a pattern – as separate blocks of color.

Now that trend is moving into design.

And the colors you see may not be what you would expect. The trend is focused primarily around bright colors – no beige here – and hues that don’t always seemingly go together. (This very much mirrors the fashion trend.) So what you may find is a website that uses pops of color in pink, orange and red … all at the same time.

(Metro style design)
Metro basic features are:
Combinations of solid colors,
Buttons with text background
2D flat blocks,
Images and large fonts
Think Windows 8 with flat blocks of colour. This means no drop shadows, no colour gradients on buttons, no texture and no 3D.
One of the smartest trends that we already see a lot and expect to see in 2014 as well is blocking. By using different images, colours and texts next to each other, the visitor gets a clear idea of the different elements of a company and it’s website in a glance.
Not too much fuss, let the texts and images speak for themselves. Less is more, and that is exactly the idea of websites that use the concept of minimalism
white (or negative) space is the backbone of any minimalist design.
White space “makes” a design minimalist to a large extent. Without it, you’d end up with a grid design or grunge or some other style that’s not truly minimalist.
Website developers will soon ditch excessive content and replace it with images and videos.
White Space Is Vitale
Just when we thought we were done designing for a new device, wearable devices like
Google Glass
and Pebble arrive on the scene.
In 2014 and beyond, we will see optimizing design for wearable devices.
The reason for larger, more hi-res images is the increased resolution of devices.
Because of higher resolution devices and faster connection speeds, we’ll see larger, higher resolution images and thus more visual impact.

maps and satellite photos can really not be missed on websites. It is often seen as a background for contact pages, but also as a full basis for a website
Mix-and-Match Typography
not sticking to one font on the hole site
responsive design is really hot right now, and it can be just as easy (and often easier) to develop than a separate mobile site!
2013 Color Trends on the Web
1. Greyscale With Bright Accents
2. Muted Pastels
3. Neons and Brights
4. Color Blocking
Examples of Flat Illustrations in Web Design
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