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Courtney Smith, Daniel in the lions den

A man had to make a decision, follow god or face death. And its his story how following god can get you through anything.

Courtney Smith

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Courtney Smith, Daniel in the lions den

This story is about one mans
courage to stand
up for what he believes
even if it comes to death. Have you ever had to make the choice
Follow what you belief in and if you do you die. Daniel lived in the kingdom of Darius.
He had the top job and many others were
jealous and wanted to see him fall and the
only way to do that was to make a law against
his religious belief. Daniel in the lions Den! So they made a law saying
you cannot do anything that
involves god for 30 days, it all
must be done to there ruler. Daniel was a man of god and wouldnt,
change his belifes or his life because of this
new law. The king liked daniel and relized that
the people tricked him into passing that law.
He had to put daniel in the lions den because
of the new law The king had to put daniel in the lions den.
He didnt sleep that night worrying about him.
He said "Thy god who thou servest continually,
he will deliver thee.
The next moring the king awoke to go see if Daniel
survived the night in the hungry lions den. The king was
over joyed to see Daniel alive. Daniel replied My god sent an
angel, as kept there mouth shut
so they wouldnt hurt me. The king pulled daniel out of the lions den
and put the people and there familys who
tricked him into makeing the law into the lions den . This story is to show to us the life might get hard, or you will be put in
bad situations but with god you can overcome anything, and come out on top.
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