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Tourism Marketing - 7Ps of Disneyland

No description

Bushra Javed

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Tourism Marketing - 7Ps of Disneyland

Introduction World's most popular amusement park

First opened on July 17, 1955 by Sir Walt Disney

A place where parents and children can enjoy Product Manmade attraction

Offers services for everyone

"One stop shop" concept
Price Competitive pricing approach

Positioned as a kind of luxury entertainment

Discount pricing approach Premium pricing strategy Offer discounts for accomodation

Bundle deals

Special rates for annual pass holders Promotion Promotions runs throughout the year

Use medias such as television, print, internet, travel agents network

Target at kids and parents

Promotion activities continues in Disneyland Place Disneyland is located at Anaheim California, Orange County, part of Los Angeles metropolitan area Accessibility Wheelchair friendly People Employees Dedicated and well trained

Place tourist needs as priority

Good service add a pinch of "human-touch"

Employee synergry
Customer Able to educate them by providing maps
Process Online booking is made available for
-Park entry passes Physical Evidence Architecture and infrastructure


Ride experience

Proper signage

Interaction with cast members

Good mix and balance of shops and attractions Conclusion Marketing mix allowed them to position themselves effectively

Consistency of all elements

Create trust and loyalty
Recommendation Accurate queue management

Express passes

Alter ticket prices to manage crowd
The end

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