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Persian Gulf War

No description

Brennan Bailey

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Persian Gulf War

Persian Gulf War
Kuwait and Arab States

Territorial Issue - National Boundary
United Kingdom 1899/1922
OPEC quotas for oil production - $18/barrel
United Arab Emirates and Kuwait
Rumaila oil field
Arab neighbor relations - Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Iran, & Syria
U.S. relations
Invasion of Kuwait
August 2, 1990
Diplomacy & Resolutions

The United States gets involved
1. Increase oil stock in case of a disruption in the oil market
2. Beef up security
3. Prohibit trade with Iraq

The United Nations Security Council gets involved:
* Resolution 660
* Resolution 661
* Resolution 665

The Arab League gets involved
War in the Gulf
1990 Gulf War
The One-Year War
Gulf War
First Gulf War
Second Gulf War
Liberation of Kuwait
Mother of Battles
Iraq-Kuwait conflict
Operation Desert Shield
Operation Desert Storm
Operation Desert Sabre
Operation Desert Farewell
Operation Granby
Opération Daguet
Operation FRICTION
Operazione Locusta
Defense of Saudi Arabian country

Liberation and Defense of Kuwait

Southwest Asia Cease-Fire
2 Aug. 1990 - 16 Jan. 1991
17 Jan. 1991 - 11 April 1991

12 April 1991 - 30 Nov. 1995
Cultivation of War

Cold War friction
Iraq ally of U.S.S.R.
Israeli-Palestinian relations
Militant groups & Terrorism
Iran-Iraq War
Operation Undeniable Victory
August 1988
$40 billion
Foreign debt - Saudi Arabia & Kuwait
1980's Oil Glut
1986 from $27 to below $10 ($57 to $21 today)
Prior to outbreak $35 billion in reserve
Loss of $7 billion per year
Creating the Coalition

Operation Desert Storm
SCUD missiles
Ground Campaign
Liberation of Kuwait
Declared liberated by Bush on February 27, 1991

Operation Desert Saber
February 24, 1991
Massive coalition ground offensive
Three days
Consequences & Controversies
Gulf War Illness
Highway of Death
Bulldozer assault
1990 Palestinian exodus from Kuwait
Coalition bombing
Operation Southern Watch
Draining of Qurna Marshes
Oil spills
Kuwaiti oil fires
Air supremacy
GPS and reconnaissance
Technological advantages
Battle tanks
Arab League

Resolution 678 gives Iraq a fight or flight deadline

In the meantime, U.S. & U.N. try to justify necessity of involvement in the Iraq-Kuwait conflict

34 countries join together against Iraqi aggression, including Canada, Egypt, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Syria, the United Kingdom and the United States
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