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How To Insert A New Slide

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gina corselli

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of How To Insert A New Slide

Powerpoint #5
How to Insert WordArt
Gina Corselli

Main Idea
If it is your first PowerPoint you may ask yourself, "How do I add a picture?" In this tutorial step by step I will explain how to add a picture in a presentation.
Step 1
Step 2
After you highlight the word you want to make into WordArt you go into Insert and look under the topic "Text." Then you will click WordArt.
Step 3
It's simple to make a regular font styles into amazing WordArt, as long as you follow three easy steps. WordArt is a facinating feature used in PowerPoint presentations.
When you write in normal fonts you may want to change the font to make it look more exasperated.First, highlight the words you want to make into WordArt.
Once you click into WordArt you can
choose any kind of art you want.
Once you choose the style you are able
to choose different shape styles, color fill-ins ,
effects, etc.
Highlight the word you typed that you want to use to create into WordArt
You go to the Insert tab and look in the title "Text" and then you click on WordArt.
You can change the word into any style and even change the colors! It all appears once you change your regular font into WordArt.
Then you have successfully made WordArt :)

German Shepherds


Shiloh Shepherds

German Shepherd

German Shepherd Growth
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