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Heba Shahin

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

International Federation of Consulting Engineers since 1913
Formulates conditions of contract recommended for construction works.
widely used in domestic projects with minor modifications.
Different forms of FIDIC conditions of contract are commonly known as the Red Book, Silver Book, Yellow Book, Pink Book, Green Book, Blue Book, White Book, Gold Book etc.

What FIDIC can DO ?
But why FIDIC
Greatest importance providing the rights, obligation and responsibility for the parties concerned in the Contract execution.

Compilation of management documents for all kinds of projects.

FIDIC Conditions of Contract are of the highest influence and are the most popular application.

Enabling the development of a sustainable world as the recognized global voice for the consulting engineering industry.

FIDIC Vision
To work closely with our stakeholders to improve the business climate in which we operate and enable our members to contribute to making the world a better place to live in, now and in the future.

FIDIC makes out the “New Yellow Book” and “Silver Book” independently in addition to meet the development tendency of international project management mode.
1. Be the recognized international authority on issues relating to consulting engineering best practice.

2. Actively promote high standards of ethics and integrity among all stakeholders involved in the development of infrastructure worldwide.

3. Maintain and enhance FIDIC’s representation of the consulting engineering industry worldwide.

4. Enhance the image of consulting engineering.
5. Promote and assist the worldwide development of viable consulting engineering industries.

Main Principle
Quality Services

Best Practice


High Standards

Selection by Ability

Capacity Building

Characteristics of FIDIC
Wider Application
Contracting System

High-quality Provisions and Logical Clause Sequencing
More Specific Provisions

Changes in the Preparing Style

Concise Language

Unification of Terms and Clause

Which FIDIC contract should I use?
Design-Build Operate Contract
DBO can be viewed as a complete method in PPPs. This method is a long-term process including procurement, construction, operation, and transfer, in which high risk should be pay the most attention to. About PPPs: A wide spectrum of options is available for the delivery of public infrastructure and services, ranging from direct provision by the government to outright privatization, with increasing responsibilities, risks, commitment, and rewards transferred from the government to the private sector.

Risk control in DBO contract

Prepared by :
Ala'a Istetyi
Hiba Shahin
Mahmoud Abu Kishek
Muthana Abdelhaleem
Lama Bustami
Submitted To:
Eng. Suleiman Diefe
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