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Mean,Median,mode,and Range Math Project

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Nina Owens

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Mean,Median,mode,and Range Math Project

It is often questioned what a team's average or mean is. These are the scores from the last 10 games: What is the average, range, median, and mode or the most common amount of points the San Antonio Spurs scored over the last ten games? Zoom in to find out! In order to find our "average" we must follow some steps. VS.Cleveland-96 VS.Washington-96 VS.Chicago-103 VS.Charlotte-102
VS.Dallas-113 VS.Brooklyn-111 VS.Phoenix-108 VS.Detroit-109
VS.Minnesota-104 VS.New Orleans-106 First we must add up all our scores. 96
We come up with the
sum of 1,048. Next Now we take the sum of points and
divide it by the number of games
played. We have our sum from earlier (1,048) and divisor of 10 games. 1,048 10 So... We have our average or mean of
104.8 points! And our answer is 104.8 Now we find the mode, or the number of points scored most often. Now we line up our numbers and see which occurs the most. 96,96,103,102,113,111,108,109,104,106 It appears that 96 occurs most. So... 96 points is the most common amount of points scored by the Spurs over the last 10 games Next we will find the median amount of points scored by our team. To find our median we must follow these steps. First we must line up our scores from least to greatest 96,96,102,103,104,106,108,109,111,113 This is the correct order our scores belong in. Next Now that we have them in order we must cross out the scores from each end one by one until we get to the middle number or numbers. If there are two middle numbers (which there are) we must either decide if there can be only one score that can fit in between them or add up the scores and divide by two. 96,96,102,103,104,106,108,109,111,113 One number can fit in and that is
105 So... 105 points is our
median amount of
points scored over the last 10 games. Finally we will find the range of our scores over the last 10 games of the Spurs. In order to find the range we have one simple step. Subtract the smallest
score from the largest
score. Then you have the range! 113
- 96 Our range is
17 points!
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